The Kudu 2 Grill makes cooking over open fire less intimidating and easier. Just throw in coal or some wood and you’re set for a great BBQ cookout on your background or even while out camping.

Sturdy, heavy duty, flexible, spacious, and compact enough for picnics or campout. This open-fire grill features a smart, simplistic three-layer design that allows you to cook over open flame. The first layer is the fire pit, where you put either seasoned firewood, lump charcoal, briquette, or smoking wood. It’s an ultra-high temp ceramic coated base made from heavy gauge steel with welded core for heavy-duty use. It has a flat and large surface (24″ in diameter, 5″ in depth) so you can move the coals around freely and lets you set up one large pile of embers or multiple smaller heat zones. 

The second and third are cooking surfaces, a 19″ stainless steel movable grate and a 16″ double-handled cast iron skillet, respectively. They are adjustable vertically and horizontally and can be raised away from the flame if you want to adjust the heat level from high to low. The Kudu 2 Grill uses cantilevered ratcheting bolts to ensure support during the adjustment so the skillet and grill holds on to the elevation bars securely. 

The Kudu 2 Grill weighs 34kg but it assembles and breaks down in minutes for portability so you can take it to your next tailgate or camping trip. Fully assembled it is 48″ tall and 29″ wide and has removable legs with self-leveling feet to ensure stability on any surface. This grill turns the outdoors into your personal kitchen as it can bake, grill, poach, sear, steam, fry, smoke, and saute.

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Images courtesy of Kudu