The International Multihull Show 2022 is just a couple of months away. Leading shipbuilders are already gearing up for the event and hyping up clients with their upcoming vessels. The Lagoon 51 is a sailing catamaran from TMG (The Multihull Group). This is a follow-up to their Lagoon 55 and packs the latest features owners come to expect from the line.

From what we can gather from the company’s name, you won’t find any monohull configurations in their portfolio. Instead, there’s only the Lagoon catamaran range and the dragonfly trimaran series. When it comes to stability as sea conditions get rough, these hold up way better than single-hull watercraft. 

For the Lagoon 51, cramped passageways are never an issue. It measures 51 feet in length with a beam of about 27 feet. French group VPLP Design provides the naval architecture with Patrick Le Quément as the lead for the exterior. Meanwhile, Nauta Design gets to work its magic on the interior.

While you can choose to cruise on wind power alone, there are two YANMAR 4JH57 57-horsepower diesel engines to help. TMG allows their clients to choose from multiple layouts with anywhere between three to six cabins across the two volumes. Hang out in the spacious salon as wraparound glazing provide 360 views.

Step outside and you’ll find shaded seating, but you can likewise head to the forward cockpit to get some sun. There’s a large C-shaped sofa with cupholders for your beverages. Head on up to the flybridge which takes up almost 80% of the roof.

There are sunbeds ahead of the controls and a seating area. Also, solar panels can generate a little over 3,400 watts to operate the electronics except for the air conditioning. In summary, the Lagoon 51 is built with sustainability in mind.

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Images courtesy of MTG