If you regularly work on cars, DIY projects, and other mechanical units, then the distinct aroma of a certain lubricant usually fills the air. The iconic blue, yellow, and red cans are a regular fixture in any kit. Now, we can finally let everyone know of our favorite hobby with a spritz of MSCHF’s Smells Like WD-40.

At first, we thought this was just another concept or perhaps an April Fool’s joke which just leaked earlier. However, various sources claim it is a real product and our own research confirms it’s true. Like the name says, this is a mixture of alcohol, water, and fragrance formulated to evoke the familiar scent of the penetrating oil.

Take note that despite the odor, the MSCHF’s Smells Like WD-40 will not help against rust and corrosion. The outer box is yellow and shows an Image of a hinge. Slide it off to reveal an inner container in blue with yellow text. Remove the cover to reveal a blue bottle with prints in yellow.

Twist clockwise to reveal the red cap with a nozzle and the rest should be pretty straightforward. Apply liberally to exude that macho bravado of a handyman or a mechanic. The MSCHF Smells Like WD-40 is probably one of the oddest items we’ve encountered so far, this 2023.

Nevertheless, this is the quirky stuff we want to see more of. You can probably recall times when people jokingly suggested the use of the actual lubricant as a cologne. Aside from the MSCHF Smells Like WD-40, there are weirder perfumes out there. These range from aromas of food, paint, bodily secretions, cannabis, and more.

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Images courtesy of MSCHF