MSCHF is all about soles for the upcoming 2×4 Boots. These sizable timberland-inspired shoes are definitely attention grabbing and height enhancing, if we may say so.

These boots come with very thick bottoms and uppers constructed entirely out of gum rubber. The boot tread extends throughout the body and the rubber wraps its entirety from top to bottom, even including the tongues. What you get are chunky bottoms that look like two soles joined together and an all-together noticeably chunky silhouette. The MSCHF 2×4 Boots are visibly thick and could give you nearly six inches of added height.

Meanwhile, four-pointed stars add a design element to the uppers, the eyelet hardware, as well as the undersoles. The symbol is reminiscent of the Japanese weapon otherwise called throwing stars. It also resembles the iconic Louis Vuitton Blossom motif. Then contrasting with the brown rubber body of the MSCHF 2×4 Boots are the black padded faux leather collar that provide backside cushion to the feet.

MSCHF’s spin on the rubber boots include a couple of two-toned (black and brown) shoelaces. These shoes would make great cold weather wear and ideal for those fashion-forward individuals like Spike Lee. The art and marketing company enlisted the American film director to model its new design in promotional images shot by his daughter, Satchel Lee. The pictures were taken in New York City.

The question though is if these boots are comfortable to wear and light on the feet given all that rubber. NBA player Jordan Clarkson recently wore them in the tunnel for a March 6 game so that should answer the question. The MSCHF 2×4 will go on sale on March 19 at 2:00 p.m. E.T. and will retail for $400 at and the MSCHF Sneakers App.

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Images courtesy of MSCHF