Nothing says American like one hand on the wheel, with the other hand hanging lazily by the convertible’s door. This image, of hightailing to the spotless fields of America’s numerous anyplace dirt-lined sojourns, is one of endless drive. The impulse to go somewhere, to keep going. Which is why we don’t bother much with destinations. But if it’s the Casa MM you’re going to, where you end up is just as important as getting there.

Sitting at the foot of a mountain range, the Casa MM not only draws in tourists, but those daring at heart. The spirits seeking the adventure of a lifetime, or at least someplace they can let loose. The nearby trails illicit a sense of wonder and curiosity for travel.

The dwelling itself, too, is a portrait of calm and peace. To combat the high traffic area, it uses a wedge shape: the narrow end of the house is oriented toward the paths, while the roofline is inclines toward the peaks. Positioned this way, the house takes the focus off visiting hikers and places it on the surrounding scenery. The solution seems simple enough to overlook, but the designers of the Casa MM integrated it cleverly.

You’ll also see that it features a sloping profile that mimics the rolling terrain enveloping it. Meanwhile, the concrete and stone facade complements the rugged environment. Some external materials remain exposed on the interior and intersect with wood tones. The combination evinces a unique atmospheric calmness, as if two different properties found a way to get along and converge. The result? Sheer beauty.


Photos courtesy of Alarcia Ferrer