Ever since Motorola was acquired by Lenovo, its products have received mixed reviews. Nevertheless, brand recognition is always an advantage as consumers associate the company with innovation and sleek design. Surprisingly, its latest clamshell foldable — the RAZR 40 Ultra — is reportedly a commercial success. Hence, if you want a wearable to match it, grab the Moto Watch 40.

The first-generation RAZR (2020) evoked nostalgia among folks who owned the original folding handset series. Nevertheless, it took Motorola several more iterations to nail down a successful formula for their foldable flagship. If you are using the RAZR 40 Ultra right now, the Moto Watch 40 is the ideal companion device.

We find it odd why the manufacturer opted to call it that given it’s more like a fitness tracker. Its slim rectangular form factor measures 30.8 mm x 45.9 mm x 10.2 mm and weighs about 26 grams. The housing is zinc alloy, which makes it feel more premium than the competition.

Available in Phantom Black and Rose Gold, you can pair it cosmetically with the Infinite Black and Peach Fuzz Motorola RAZR 40 Ultras, respectively. There’s no indication Motorola will introduce more Moto Watch 40 colorways to account for the Viva Magenta and Glacier Blue variants of the foldable smartphone.

The Moto Watch 40 sports a 1.57″ display and a single button on the right flank of the device. It runs on an in-house Moto Watch OS which optimized to make its 240 mAh battery last up to 10 days on a single charge. An IP67-rated protection means moisture and dust won’t become a problem. Finally, sensors on board include an accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and an oximeter.

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Images courtesy of Motorola