Leave it to the fine folks over at MOTOISM as well as IMPULS to come up with a collection of aftermarket parts for your BMW motorcycle. For their latest venture, they crafted a one-off example to showcase the parts buyers can choose to customize their rides with. The two-wheeler here is The Ultimate K.

The donor platform is what many in the bike customization scene affectionally call the “Flying Brick.” This comes from the unique engine placement which most likens to that of automobiles. The 1983 BMW K100 now sports a combination of modern and futuristic elements with a muscular stance.

Moreover, their use of black, white, and red pinstripes further ups its appeal. MOTOISM writes “This interpretation of the K100 pays homage to the 80s. A vehicle concept that combines iconic details with futuristic artifacts. Illuminated wings, exclusive ‘Ultimate K’ sneakers and lasered flares on the rear provide neon to the wear limit.”

For clients and builders who want to mix and match various components, the shop confirms everything is plug-and-play. Furthermore, it should be a cinch to assemble, and the parts can be ordered individually or as a set. There are a lot of bespoke tweaks to appreciate on The Ultimate K.

We have black and white BMW roundels on the tank, a custom LED taillight, LEDs on the top triple, a radiator cover delete, laser-cut acrylic glass winglets, and more. Elsewhere, The Ultimate K features Motogadget grips, a custom Öhlins mono-shock, and a lowered front suspension.

Meanwhile, the headlight integrates a Motogadget Motoscope Mini display. The Ultimate K is not for sale. However, with the parts, you can make one on your own as an awesome solo project or with fellow gearheads.

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Images courtesy of MOTOISM/IMPULS