When you’re ready to finally dive into the world of cycling, the first thing newbies face is the staggering number of options available. Depending on how and where you plan to use it, always do some research to pick the appropriate model. With the rising demand for electric options, budding cyclists may want to consider the TRICOLORE.

Unlike most road bikes, mountain bikes — or MTBs as they call them — are notably more durable. Many tend to favor these types of two-wheelers for their versatility. Not only are they rugged enough to handle rough terrain, but these are likewise equally at home on the road or in urban landscapes.

The TRICOLORE comes with a mid-mounted 250W Polini E-P3+ MX motor capable of up to 66.38 lb-ft of torque to reach a top speed of 15.5 mph. Its 880 Wh removable battery unit is enough for 62 miles. Moto Parilla, meanwhile, goes for an avant-garde silhouette with its latest venture.

This is a premium electric MTB which follows the Carbon and Ultra Carbon. As such, it draws futuristic design elements from its predecessors but flaunts a distinct profile of its own. Similar to the brand’s previous outings, it shuns the typical blueprint we see on modern mountain bikes.

Instead, its frame appears almost upright and features a single-sided swingarm. To keep the weight in check, Moto Parilla uses carbon fiber for the chassis. In addition to the composite material, its components are in aerospace-grade aluminum. 

Traditional bicycles and electric offerings like this are already green mobility platforms. Nevertheless, Moto Parilla adds more sustainability via the recyclable hemp fiber which covers the wires. Lastly, they are still yet to confirm the launch and pricing for the TRICOLORE.

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Images courtesy of Moto Parilla