Feast your eyes on this bad boy. Looking like something straight out of Mad Max (or any other dystopian futuristic tale, depending on your frame of reference), this is an incredibly creative piece of customization. On its own, as a standalone original design, this beast is an exciting thing to behold.

However, it is when you realize that this is not an original piece, but actually a customization, that this monster looks even more incredible. Especially when you consider that it began life as a classic Kawasaki Ninja 650!

Yes, that’s right! Droog has taken a stylish street bike that is more at home on the racetrack and transformed it into the Moto 12. Sometimes when we look at customized bikes, we need to take a very close and considered approach to spot the differences. However, with the Moto 12 and original Ninja side by side, it is easy to see what has been done.

The radiator, exhaust, and entire subframe have all been upgraded, but the most striking features are the handlebar and front-end work. While the Ninja was a bulky and meaty, but relatively safe-looking speed demon, the Moto 12 just kinda looks like death on wheels.

This masterpiece is finished with completely new inserts for the wheels, a nifty electronic speedometer, vibrant LED lighting and awesome distressed paintwork. And the best thing, it’s actually up for sale!

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