Carmakers may throw all the futuristic aesthetics our way, but we still find the timeless beauty of classic automotive design alluring. We have Morgan Motor Company to thank for consistently releasing rides with their iconic vintage visual flavor. The Plus 8 GTR is a welcome revisit of a previous release that introduces a slew of upgrades.

Limited editions like it are sure to attract collectors who can afford to acquire one. With only nine examples to see the light of day, we’re certain demand will be ridiculous. Another exciting bit of news is the fact that this is just one of many special projects Morgan Motor Company has in store for its clients.

The manufacturer notes what influenced the aesthetics is the race car version of the Plus 8. The vehicle was dubbed “Big Blue” as it competed in the GT series. It likewise marked the first use of a bonded-aluminum chassis. Meanwhile, by some stroke of luck, they were able to source several unused rolling chassis for the Plus 8 GTR build.

These were originally from Morgan Motor Company in 2018. With years of know-how behind them, necessary revisions are all on board to boost performance. The Plus 8 GTR now sports a revamped body, alongside updated front wings, front splitter, rear end, and a hardtop.

Just like the original, it packs a 4.8-liter BMW N62 V8 power plant. Clients can choose to pair it with a ZF six-speed automatic gearbox or a six-speed manual for the old-school feel. The original specifications list the output at 362 hp. Morgan Motor Company reveals that they were able to push that up to 375 horsepower — its highest ever.

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Images courtesy of Morgan Motor Company