OMEGA and Swatch are reputable brands in the watchmaking industry — each catering to specific markets. The former is focused on top-shelf offerings, while the latter is recognized for its affordability, style, and quality. A collaboration between the two launched in 2022 swept collectors into a buying frenzy. Given the craze continues to this day, the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold auction is expected to reach insane bids.

Organizing the event in partnership with OMEGA is Sotheby’s with all proceeds from the sale benefitting Orbis International. The group is committed to helping people around the world fight against treatable conditions that could lead to vision loss if neglected. It is slated for February 12, 2024.

Not everyone was able to complete the entire lineup of the original versions and the same could be said about the special edition that followed. Therefore, the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold auction might be the only opportunity left to own the complete set. The watchmaker prepared 11 suitcases and inside each is every reference released for the series.

According to Sotheby’s, these are “on display at 11 OMEGA Boutiques around the world from 1-11 February, including Boutiques in Zurich, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney.” To make it even more enticing, the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcases include an exclusive bonus.

OMEGA adds a coin engraved with the three-letter aviation code of the city where the watches were displayed. Furthermore, every timepiece in the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcase also features the aforementioned identifier on the case middle. These chronographs are all fabricated with BIOCERAMIC cases and flaunt a seconds hand coated in 18K Moonshine Gold — a patented in-house alloy.

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Images courtesy of OMEGA/Sotheby’s