Japanese brand Moonstar continues to craft vulcanized shoes that are not only versatile but also uniquely designed. The Alweather Shoe, for instance, may look confusing. Is it a boot? A sneaker or a plimsoll? It’s an amalgam of footwear styles indeed. But one thing is for certain and that’s the comfort it brings to your feet be it rain or shine.

Proudly made in the Kurume hometown, this hybrid footwear boasts sneaker-like comfort but with the heavy-duty, weatherproofing quality of a duck boot. It predominantly features rubber for its uppers so it can withstand mud, rain, or snow. It guarantees resilience but without the heft often found in traditional boots.

The Moonstar Alweather Shoe uses tough vulcanized rubber overlays over flexible canvas uppers. The rubber extends downward to the grippy outsoles. The vulcanization process itself is meticulous to ensure durable footwear that retains its shape even after many uses. A handful of skilled artisans used woof-fire kilns to bake the rubber sole onto the shoe.

Moreover, this unique shoe features a large toe box with extra thick rubber to give your toes enough wiggle room and to protect them from accidental bumps, especially in the dark. Meanwhile, durable metal eyelets and tonal laces add a handsome contrast to the overall construction. 

The Moonstar Alweather Shoe is named as such because it is designed for all-weather wear and for adventures both on land and sea. It even comes in various attractive colorways including Beige/Black, Black, Brown, and Khaki, to name a few. So it’s time to retire those Chuck’s and get yourself a pair of this versatile shoe.  

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Images courtesy of Moonstar