A lot of you will agree there are times when the great outdoors beckons us back. Unplanned activities are always amazing as long as you have the right gear. Since 1968, The North Face never ceases its efforts to bring us the stuff we need to enjoy our adventures. As such, its latest offering is a four-year project alongside Spiber that delivers exceptional performance. They’re calling it the Moon Parka and it seems fitting thanks to the out-of-this-world concept of the original.

We can recall back in 2015, both companies inked a deal to develop a next-generation product. What made the collaboration so special was the original plan to use artificial spider silk for its production. However, unforeseen challenges led to the failure of the first prototype Moon Parka. Just like its target market of strong-willed adventurers, The North Face persevered and is ready to showcase its cutting-edge technology.

The ultimate goal of both companies is to manufacture the Moon Parka with as little carbon footprint possible. We’re sad to see the project abandon synthetic spider silk, which could have been awesome. Nevertheless, the new textile is using an elaborate process that creates multiple layers of film. This material is waterproof, warm, and moisture permeable.

Thanks to the 900 fill down, the cold will be the least of your problems. The jacket sports a dual-zipper closure system, two pockets on the exterior, and two more inside. Finally to remind us of its eco-friendly nature, the inside comes with a printed image of our planet. For now, the Moon Parka can be yours through a special lottery that gives you a chance to grab one for $1,410.

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Images courtesy of The North Face and Spiber