Montra Electric’s Rickshaw has given the trike design a sustainable upgrade by shifting to electric powertrain instead of LPG or CNG. It features the industry’s leading 10kW power that can go over 150 kilometers at a max speed of 55km/h and peak torque of 60 Nm on a single full charge. It only takes less than four hours to get from zero to full and you can drive for the entire day, while Montra Charging Points allows you to quickly charge the battery while you’re not at home.

The design of this modernized Tuk-Tuk pays homage to the traditional format but made sleek and chiseled with a distinctly modern silhouette. It packs cutting-edge features geared to revolutionize every drive. These include a seven-point battery sensor for extra care, large windshield for expansive street view, an extra safe boron steel chassis, and durable metal body made to resist rain and dust.

Montra Electric’s Rickshaw also comes integrated with circular LED taillights, powerful LED headlights, a car-like hard roof, and a downward-opening tailgate for boot storage. Meanwhile, the dual-tone interiors boasts motorbike-inspired handlebars, a fully digital cluster, a high driver backrest, super drive modes for better efficiency and speed, and spacious, wide, and comfortable cushions that can sit three with extra head and leg room.

This auto-rickshaw also features secure doors for both rider and passengers. Montra Electric’s Rickshaw even comes with a companion app that scans vehicle health and offers  service tips. Likewise, the app monitors the battery status and the location of the vehicle at all times. Conveniently, it makes tracking daily savings easy and allows digital storage of important documents and IDs.

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Images courtesy of Montra Electric