Do all of you agree that popular trends from decades ago have come full circle? This may be imperceptible for a lot of us, but people who pay close attention to subtle nuances in all the latest stuff occasionally notice some nostalgic references. Take the MONDO BT Speaker Large, for example. It is fundamentally a modern audio device, but its aesthetics are firmly rooted in the past.

Boomboxes may not ring a bell unless your childhood fell somewhere between the ’70s and ’80s. Despite the sizes of these battery-operated cassette/radio combos, many still pegged them as portable. In contrast to the contemporary options we have right now, what folks had back in the day were practically behemoths. 

Still, given the lucrative market for products with a retro design, MONDO by Defunc understands precisely what its target demographic wants. Hence, the aptly dubbed MONDO BT Speaker Large exudes old-school appeal courtesy of its size. Exact dimensions were not supplied, but lifestyle images show how gargantuan it can be.

Its metallic enclosure holds six drivers and three passive basses with an output power rated at 96W. Clocking in at about 14.30 lbs., the MONDO BT Speaker Large is easy enough to transport. The 6,000 mAh battery recharges via USB-C and lasts approximately eight hours. An angular section of the housing is where the controls and displays are mounted.

Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity allows you to wireless stream music from your smartphone or other compatible devices. Moreover, The MONDO BT Speaker Large supports AuraCast technology. You can get it in three colorways: Brass, Griege, and Metal Grey. As the official literature describes, it “will deliver powerful audio whether it’s a festival statement or as an interior piece in your home.”

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Images courtesy of MONDO by Defunc