California’s Monday Motorbikes have created a nifty, trendsetting all-electric moped. While the M1 is based on the Puch Magnum of the late 1970’s, the gas engine has been replaced with a fully sealed 5,500-watt air-cooled electric motor.

The Monday Motorbikes M1 E-Bike ($4,500) is designed to meet California electric bicycle standards which list it as a “Class 2 Ebike” in 48 States, thus not requiring a license, insurance, or registration except in Texas and New York where its weight disqualifies the M1 as an E-bike.

In economy mode, the M1 can range 35 miles at 20 mph, while the sport mode boosts speed up to 40 mph. The battery pack sits inside the angular ‘tank’ with its curved frame and minimalist styling that gives a scrambler look to this otherwise convenient, low-maintenance, intuitive urban transportation device.