With travel restrictions beyond us, it’s time to pack up and go beyond borders and languages. What better way to travel in style and class than with the Moln Suitcase. Inspired by the Swedish word “Moln” which means “cloud,”  this luggage oozes a polished and clean aesthetic. It boasts Japanese minimalism with a Western style.

This luggage takes an elegant twist to the hardshell suitcase with its synthetic leather shell that is both water and stain-resistant. It also arrives in a matte instead of a glossy finish in hues that also extend to the color palette. These include terracotta, charcoal, and stone.

Aside from a pleasing appearance, the Moln Suitcase guarantees longevity. It was put through extensive durability tests so it stays robust and can withstand the bumps that come with traveling. It comes with quiet Hinomoto wheels, a telescoping handle that you can lock at any height, and interior panels to keep things neat and organized. There is a mesh sleeve and several zippered pockets to store essentials.

The Moln Suitcase is available in three sizes: small, small plus, and large. The small and the small plus are both carry-on sizes with the difference being that the latter has a quick-access laptop sleeve, making it ideal for short business travels. The pocket can be accessed easily while the case is standing up  The large size does not come with a laptop sleeve and is meant to be checked in. The small, small plus, and large size offer 34L, 36L, and 92L of storage space, respectively. 

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Images courtesy of Moln