We believe most guys have this innate interest in anything mechanical. Aside from tools and watches, automotive-related items seem to grab our attention without fail. As such, motorsport is a favorite form of entertainment. If you really want to fuel your passion for racing, the Escapade development is about to open its doors and there are several options available.

If the roar of engines is music to your ears, then this is the place to be. The luxury homes within its grounds put you within a stone’s throw away from the legendary Silverstone Circuit. As with all things affected by the pandemic, its completion was originally proposed for May 2022. Despite the delays, the inaugural unit was presented to a few eager owners earlier this month.

It was the best way to showcase what the Escapade has to offer as guests viewed the British Grand Prix in opulent style. According to reporters who had a first-hand experience of the trackside abode, it was located near Becketts Corner. Moreover, with a vista of the circuit’s nine corners, it’s probably the most immersive you can get during race day.

The team responsible for the interiors of the Escapade units is Bell & Swift’s Colin Carswell, while Twelve Architects’ Lorraine Stoutt Griffith and Matt Cartwright are behind the blueprints. At the time of its exhibition, the décor paid homage to the ongoing event at the tarmac. There are 60 residences in total and each varies in price, size, and proximity to the racetrack.

Those who splurge on the $2.5 million three-bedroom and $2.9 million four-bedroom trackside volumes get a two-car garage. Meanwhile, the rest of the Escapade homes feature double covered carports instead. An exclusive clubhouse replete with upscale amenities is accessible to all residents and their guests. Plus, it overlooks the Silverstone Circuit as well.

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Images courtesy of Escapade Living