Even before its meteoric rise amid the pandemic, gaming was and still is a lucrative market almost every business wants a slice of. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on home consoles, laptops, mobile devices, or custom rigs, there is a generous collection of accessories to enhance the experience. For superior comfort and style, Mojin Group teases the Robodesk concept.

For gamers who plan to spend hours or even days in front of their screens, what they need is the right furniture. When it comes to in-game performance, optimal setups consider posture and comfort. Aside from high-quality gear, ergonomics can spell victory or defeat.

Moreover, it also helps you focus on the gameplay. As such, never question the benefits of premium gaming chairs. The Robodesk is not like the typical seats which can swivel or roll around on casters. Just pick the ideal spot, set it down, hook up your system, plug everything in, and enjoy!

The Robodesk’s motorized arm incorporates VESA-certified mounting capabilities for various display configurations. Mojin Group says it can hold up to four panels depending on the size and shape. Below that is an adjustable yet sturdy desk for a keyboard and mouse.

Its AI-powered technology retains the owner’s adjusted angles even when the backrest tilts back or forward. To the right is an integrated side table with an illuminated control panel for the Robodesk’s functions and two USB charging ports. Engage the 12-mode massage feature to feel all your soreness and stress melt away. Finally, its soft cushions are upholstered in leather which feels luxurious to the touch.

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Images courtesy of Mojin Group