If you want a clutter-free and customizable workspace, then you’d want the MOFT Smart Desk Mat. It keeps all your work essentials within easy reach and in one place. It combines a desk mat, a stand, and an organization board in one comfortable surface texture.

This mat enables a multi-screen ecosystem with dedicated spaces for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even notebook so you can use them simultaneously without sacrificing space or comfort. It comes with magnetic accessory add-ons like a wireless charger so you can arrange your workspace according to your needs.

The MOFT Smart Desk Mat organizes and elevates your devices together for a multi-screen ecosystem so you can work efficiently. You can also prop up a second device next to your laptop for easy access using digital kit accessories. Best of all, it comes equipped with two NFC hotspots that can be pre-programmed to your needs from a wide array of apps including concentration apps like Pomodoro.

This is perfect for digital nomads. With ample surface for all your gadgets and a prop-up stand (you can adjust the angle to 25° or 45°-60° through sliding), you can take your work anywhere with you without having to worry about finding a desk. This way, you can change scenery without hassle. It even comes with a magnetic soft lap cushion that attaches to the underside of the mat so you can work comfortably. It also doubles as a wrist rest. 

When it’s time to clock out, simply fold it away and it transforms from a multi-device stand to an unobtrusive piece. The MOFT Smart Desk Mat features a slim design and it’s lightweight too at just 2.58kg. It’s also built to withstand water spills and scratches thanks to its fiberglass construction. 

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Images courtesy of MOFT Store