The TV is an unruly piece of living room furniture. First of all, it’s not technically a furniture. Rather, it’s a piece of technology that could either make or break a room’s overall aesthetic. Second of all, mounting it can be kind of difficult. Especially the part where you need to hide the wires for a more seamless and cleaner look. Luckily, there’s the MOFO Portable TV Mount to solve your TV mounting woes.

The MOFO Pole itself is a telescoping metal cylinder that can be mounted to the floor and the ceiling via a spring locking system, which you can trigger by flipping the integrated handle. When locked, the pole stays rigidly upright thanks to the tension on the surfaces at both ends. In other words, it’s pretty sturdy and won’t easily fall off when accidentally bump into it. The pole can fit in virtually any room given that it has a circumference of only 3 inches; it’ll take very little footprint.

The MOFO Pole will be able to mount any type of TV between 32 and 65 inches using the integrated VESA mount, with a swiveling capability that allows you to position it to face any angle. This means that you can set up your TV in any orientation you prefer. And the best part is: There’s an integrated cable management enabling you to line up the wires along the pole, helping you achieve that cleaner, tidier look.

It’s made of aluminum, by the way, so it’s durable enough to keep most TVs propped up, yet lightweight enough to be carried into a different room in case you’re rearranging furniture. It’s compact, it’s clever, and it’s dead-simple to install — what more could you want?


Photos courtesy of MOFO