German auto parts maker ModyPlast has turned its attention to the growing trend of RVs and e-bikes to provide bikepackers with a fully-functional camper built for the outdoors. One of its creations, the Mody teardrop trailer, is built for convenience and comfort during off-grid travels.

This is a teardrop camper trailer designed for e-bikes or manual bicycles. Its lightweight and compact structure make it ideal to use during a quick weekend drive to your favorite camping spot or commune with nature. This camper features a composite design (fiberglass or optional carbon fiber) chassis. The cell itself is self-supporting chassis and is torsion-resistant so they eliminate the use of metal. Thereby, cutting down the weight so it is easily towed by a bicycle.

ModyPlast’s Mody teardrop trailer comes in three versions including the Touring, which is for in-city and outer streets driving. Then there’s the Trekking, for dirt roads and forest paths. Lastly, the Outdoor can tackle rough terrain: at the beach, the woods, loose gravel, and more. The difference in all three is in the tires with the Outdoor boasting a higher-ground clearance with its 26-inch fat tires.

What makes these trailers convenient is it offers sleeping accommodation so you don’t have to cash in on hotel or motel stays. It also has solar panels and lights on the roof, a vent for circulation, a window, and some storage. It has support legs to make it easy to set up camp. ModyPlasts’s Mody teardrop trailers can carry up to 50kg in motion. This means you can still haul important stuff like a table, chair, cooking equipment, and more.

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Images courtesy of ModyPlast