We’ve featured many an angular teardrop-style campers, but none of them are as impressive as the Carapate Teardrop Trailer. This French-made camper is a must-have if you’re planning a countryside trip with your lover, best bud, or just yourself.

French startup Carapate Adventure’s mini-caravan is a rolling wooden trapezoid with rounded corners, playful colors, and an enormous amount of style. Who said your camper has to look bulky and its aesthetic has to be an afterthought?

Inside, you’ll find a modular bed layout that maximizes space but also saves some by removing elements when you don’t need them. There’s also an indoor and outdoor kitchen. Plenty of windows, too, in fact nearly as much as a greenhouse. Suffice it to say that natural light isn’t a problem if you like that in your campers.

There are a series of upgrades that add even more function and comfort, but these are optional.

Purists, we know what you’re thinking — this isn’t strictly a teardrop-style camper. You’re right. In fact, Carapate Adventure admits as much, saying the shape doesn’t resemble the conventional teardrop-style trailer. Still, the Carapate Teardrop Trailer borrows heavily the effortless style and sheer utilitarian sensisiblies of the classic tear.

This also has a pretty huge door, which is great. Not only does it give the indoor space some more room to breathe, it also lessens the divide between the inside and the outside. Camping is all about braving the outdoors, anyway, and this is perfectly captured in the Carapate.


Photos courtesy of Carapate Adventure