It’s just a concept for now but if it comes to market, the Modul GO Houseboat could be a game-changing and inexpensive (kinda) solution for life on the water.

Envisioned by designer Max Zhivov, the houseboat could easily be modified according to customer needs. 10 types of sections would be available, each measuring either 2,4 m or 3,5 m tall x 2,3 m wide, with different types of windows or walls without any openings, plus other options. The sections would be placed on a floating platform with dimensions of 9 x 4.5 m or 13 x 6.5 m, while roof-mounted solar panels would provide the energy needed to run the boat’s electric motors.

The Modul GO could be configured to satisfy specific requirements, serving as a home, cafe, equipment rental point, base for hydroplanes, boat refueling module, cargo variant for transporting of goods and small cars, or even a houseboat vacation village.

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