It’s just a concept for now but if it comes to market, the Modul GO Houseboat could be a game-changing and inexpensive (kinda) solution for life on the water.

Envisioned by designer Max Zhivov, the houseboat could easily be┬ámodified according to customer needs. 10 types of sections would be available, each measuring either 2,4 m or 3,5 m tall x 2,3 m wide, with different types of windows or walls without any openings, plus other options. The sections would be placed on a floating platform with dimensions of 9 x 4.5 m or 13 x 6.5 m, while roof-mounted solar panels would provide the energy needed to run the boat’s electric motors.

The Modul GO could be configured to satisfy specific requirements, serving as a home, cafe, equipment rental point, base for hydroplanes, boat refueling module, cargo variant for transporting of goods and small cars, or even a houseboat vacation village.

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