Chinese architectural design studio Gengshang Design teamed up with Miyue for the nature-informed Miyue Blue & White Holy Island Pool Homestay located in Nan’ao Subdistrict, Shenzhen. With a design referencing the surrounding environment, the exterior of the five-story structure then boasts arched windows to invite natural lighting and the beauty of the natural landscape.

The stories are stacked above each other, creating balconies and terrace pool areas from the third to the fifth floor. Likewise, the studio used white as the base for the interior to create a beautiful contrast with the blues of the sea and sky, to achieve “elegant vacation” as the “core idea” of the space. “The whole building takes pure white as the basic tone, combined with blue sea and sky, expressed the relaxation of the exotic vacation, as if people immersed in nature.”

One of the attractions in Miyue Blue & White Holy Island Resort is the cave-like pool featured in one of the guest rooms. GS Design said, “The natural scenery corresponding to different caves and pools has become the core of space. Through the visual, tactile, auditory sensory experience, we create a more delicate appropriate sense of vacation for travelers.”

Meanwhile, other pools are set on the terrace overlooking ocean views. There are also attic rooms specifically designed for families with children. Other public spaces in Miyue Blue & White Holy Island Pool Homestay include a conference room, a water bar, and reading recreation. The resort hotel has 25 guest rooms spread throughout each floors each with a unique view of the beautiful surrounding scenery. 

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Images courtesy of Gengshang Design