In the highly competitive automotive scene, sustainability is the trending theme among carmakers. With almost every Japanese marque highlighting their lineup’s electrification roadmap in the coming years, Mitsubishi is teasing something else. Who knew that 2022 might be the year that it brings back something fans have called for? Therefore, the reveal of the Vision Ralliart Concept is a big surprise.

The triple-diamond emblem is not about to give up on its roots in motorsport. As the high-performance division’s name tells us, rallying is where it shines. Meanwhile, the unveiling was made at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon along with other upcoming models under its Ralliart badge.

As we noted before, all-electric platforms are what the new generation of consumers look for. Mitsubishi understands what it needs to do and takes elements from its Outlander PHEV and repackages it as the Vision Ralliart Concept. However, from a specifications standpoint, sources say there are no major changes.

Thus, it will likely match the 2022 Outlander PHEV’s plug-in hybrid setup. Horsepower and torque are possibly receiving a slight boost with Mitsubishi equipping the Vision Ralliart Concept with larger brake rotors and six-piston brake calipers. You’ll need reliable stopping power for this bad boy.

They’re also fitting it with 22-inch wheels and chunkier tires and changing the suspension. According to the manufacturer, the tweaks should impart an elevated driving experience. “The Vision Ralliart Concept embodies Mitsubishi Motors’ vision for the new Ralliart and brings together the company’s engineering and passion for Monozukuri challenges (craftsmanship),” notes the press release.

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Images courtesy of Mitsubishi