Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) has unveiled a concept vehicle that will delight digital nomads and off-grid enthusiasts: the NOMADPro Canter truck. It makes remote work refreshing as it lets you commune with nature while staying connected to your day job.

This is a FUSO light-duty Canter truck remodeled based on the concept of “harnessing the healing power of nature.” It uses a two-wheel drive model of the Canter with a wing body, which is famous for a wide range of applications globally. The remodeled truck offers a comfortable workspace for two people via a movable table and stowable benches.  

Moreover, the NOMADPro Canter truck has a retractable bed perfect for a quick snooze. Then there’s a wash basin, a shower area, and a kitchen. Lifting the wing on the side of the vehicle instantly creates a deck, which opens up the compact interior space to the outdoors. This allows for a more airy ambiance and connects users to nature even while at work. Users can also bask in the beauty of their natural surroundings while comfortably seated inside the truck.

The interior itself incorporates minimalist Japanese design cues for a stress-free environment. It uses natural materials such as tatami-style seating and embedded tiles inspired by traditional rock gardens. It also uses soft lighting to create a calming ambiance. Unfortunately, there is no plan to sell this truck to the general public. The NOMADPro Canter truck is a concept vehicle produced by MFTBC in collaboration with Pabco and Dream Drive.  

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Images courtesy of Mitsubishi-FUSO