The Misen Oven Steel takes the guesswork out of roasting and baking. It provides better browning, searing, baking, and more and these all come from a slab of metal.

Preheating your oven to the desired temperature is a prerequisite when it comes to baking or roasting. But this does not actually guarantee you a precise or consistent heat as the temperature fluctuates over time. This applies to both gas or convection ovens. A preheat of 350F actually registers 395F when manually measured contrary to what the display says. This is off by 30 to 50F.

You end up then with uncertain results. Now, the Misen Oven Steel, which is basically a slab of A36 carbon steel, precisely regulates the temperature so you get consistent heat and baking results every time. What it does is keep your oven temperature within the 5-10F window from the temperature you want. It does so by taking advantage of the steel’s high thermal mass, when it gets hot, it buffers and replenishes the heat inside the oven.

You then get food that is better browned, seared, baked, roasted, and more. On the aesthetics side, the Misen Oven Steel is portable, light, and slim. It is thin at just 6mm to carry with one hand. At 13.5″ l x 10″ w, it is also just the right size to fit either of the racks inside the oven. You can even lay two slabs together in one rack or put them in either zones inside. Best of all, this kitchen must-have is indestructible, unlike ceramic stone and oven steel.

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Images courtesy of Misen