Prefabricated housing is not a new concept in home construction but the architectural firm MAPA from Brazil has taken it to the next level with their MINIMOD Shelters ($Inquire). This modular alternative to traditional builds uses a “plug and play” technology to produce alternate floor plans without having to redesign or become monotonous.

The first prototype of the shelter was built near a lake in Porto Alegre. It demonstrated the viability of the system so MINIMOD homes are now finding many new places to fit into. The factory is near São Paulo, Brazil, and once completed the modules are moved by crane trucks to the client’s site.

The two styles shown here seem to be the favorites. One is an isometric design, set up much like a house trailer but with an enclosed porch along one side to enjoy the views. The other uses the same modular units and is the same size (138 sq ft/42 sq m) but has been built in a crossed design for a very different look and dynamic to the home.

MAPA uses locally sourced materials for their MINIMOD homes to show that the unique-in-Brazil CLT Wood-Technology is efficient enough for the world to take notice.