Mijenta, like other distilleries producing tequila, is benefitting from the surging popularity of the spirit. It appears drinkers have developed a taste for the drink other than in cocktails and or as shots. The general rule as noted by experts is that blanco and joven are the blends best for mixology. Meanwhile, the rest can be enjoyed in sips like this Cristalino.

Founded in 2019, the Dallas, Texas-based group follows traditional methods to craft a wide selection of artisanal alcoholic drinks. Then there’s the added appeal from Mijenta’s commitment to sustainability throughout its operations. The company claims its operations are “fully carbon neutral” and all packaging is eco-friendly and sourced responsibly.

While the green credentials of the label are certainly something to celebrate, it all boils down to the spirit’s quality. After showcasing their Reposado and Añejo Gran Reserva, we’re shining the spotlight on the Cristalino and why it needs to be in your cabinet ASAP! From the packaging to the bottle, everything conveys purity.

For those wondering, what makes this type of tequila appealing to those who enjoy it is the bold characteristics imbued into the liquid. Just like reposados and añejos, it’s “matured for approximately eight months in Symphony barrels specifically designed for this expression, bringing to life something rich, complex and utterly unpredictable.”

Detailed tasting notes supplied by Mijenta speak of coconut, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, maple, and cooked agave aromas. Each sip unveils flavors of honey, citrus, coffee, caramel, toffee, cooked agave, and coconut. True to its designation, the Cristalino boasts a crystal-clear transparency drinkers look for. 

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Images courtesy of Mijenta