A startup called MIGO Robotics has developed a unique and innovative robot vacuum that can climb stairs. Aptly called the Migo Ascender, it can also mop and offers cleaning customization.

This cleaning machine has “legs” that allow it to clean the stairs automatically. It comes in a unique rectangular design, unlike the common circular ones, and boasts a strong 6000 PA suction power so it can get dirt, crumbs, hair, and other smaller particles.

The MIGO Ascender can cover up to 5, 167 square feet of space and operates quietly at 57dB. It not only vacuums but also has a mopping speed of 3500 times/minute for high-speed scrubbing. Thus, providing “state-of-the-art cleaning performance” it can clean “even the toughest messes” effortlessly.

As with other high-end robot vacuums, the MIGO Ascender also has smart functions for customization. It offers mapping through LiDAR + Vision Transformer Based AI Solution. The system provides unprecedented environment sensing and reconstruction ability for intelligent route planning and obstacle avoidance.

 Simply tap into its accompanying mobile app to set the cleaning map layout, route tracking, set no-go zones, or even schedule the cleaning. The app also lets you specify if it’s for carpet or spot cleaning. Conveniently, the MIGO Ascender works with Alexa for hands-free operation and has an auto-recharging feature.

MIGO Robotics is a team that comprises outstanding experts from Boston Dynamics, Ecovacs, Google, and Dyson. They specialize in the design and manufacture of home service robots that integrate technology and artificial intelligence. There aren’t many details about the MIGO Ascender, and it also begs the question if it can climb down the stairs.

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