Of all the many types and styles of knives Microtech creates, their Ultratech has been the benchmark for out-the-front knives. Over the years, the Ultratech has been tweaked and improved to make it increasingly sturdy and efficient.

Their latest iteration is the Microtech123-40D Ultratech OTF Tanto Blade ($258). The knife has a one-handed dual fire/retract action for its 3.46″ long, 0.125″ thick blade, and uses an ‘at rest’ spring position when not opened, to prevent the possibility of metal fatigue weakening the action. The handle material is aluminum with a green mil-spec hard coat and a stainless steel pocket clip.

Microtech does not give specific details of the steel used in the blade as it is subject to change depending on availability – nor does it come with a sheath. We do hear, however, that this lightweight, one of a kind knife with its slim shape, easy operation, and scalpel-sharp blade is a reliable piece of EDC. Made in the USA.