Banters and chit-chats in the office can be great sources of entertainment in between work. But when you want total concentration, then these merely become distractions. If you don’t want to be the party-popper then it’s best to isolate yourself so you can work in peace. What better way to do this than to add Microsoft’s Flowspace to your office setup.

This innovative office pod for solo working boasts high-tech features including automated privacy panels that form into a desk and a round pod. It comes with its own desktop computer, ergonomic chair, and desk. For those who deal with multiple windows on their computer screens, then the monitor is more than enough to fit them in one viewing. Its size spans nearly the entire size or width of the panel inside the pod. It would make the perfect online gaming companion.

Microsoft’s Flowspace is for those days in the office when we miss the solitude and personal space of working from home. Recognized by Red Dot Design as the Best of the Best, this concept comes in a unique design that mimics the shape of a question mark on both sides, merged on the top to form a private space in the middle.

It is unlike most office pods introduced as of late. Those that look like a cocoon and with doors for ultimate seclusion. This idea from Microsoft comes with openings on both sides and just enough privacy covers so as not to make you feel suffocated inside. Microsoft’s Flowspace also comes with a premium grey felt finish for a luxurious feel. 

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Images courtesy of Microsoft