With all the hype surrounding sustainability, it was only a matter of time before the initiative reached other market segments. These days we can see it in automobiles, footwear, watches, architecture, and more. Now, Microsoft joins the eco-friendly bandwagon via a new gaming accessory with green credentials in tow. We mean it literally as the Xbox Remix Special Edition controller comes with tonal green colors.

Most gamepads, arcade sticks, and other input devices use plastic parts. Although there are a few that opt for materials such as metal, these are usually premium models with prohibitive price tags. Unless you’re playing on a mobile device and using touch controls, a controller is a must-have for several game genres.

Truth be told, with proper care, your gamepad should last for years. However, accidental drops or intentional throws due to personal reasons can severely impact the lifespan of the accessory. Hence, replacing it is just adding more plastic waste. However, the Xbox Remix Special Edition presents a cool alternative that helps curb pollution.

Instead of directly heading to the landfill, post-consumer plastics like plastic containers, CDs, and surplus controllers are recycled into various components. Microsoft notes that it also regrinds reusable gamepad parts and mixes virgin plastic to construct the Xbox Remix Special Edition gamepad housing.

In addition to its pro-nature attributes, each unit flaunts distinct patterns from the molding process. These are visible on the bumpers, trigger, and grips on the Xbox Remix Special Edition. The various earthy hues appear fantastic on the gamepad. Microsoft even bundles an Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack to further promote sustainable practices.

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Images courtesy of Microsoft/Xbox