The Microblade Pill Ti from Microcarry is a sharp cutting tool hidden inside a tiny package for convenience in carrying. It’s so small you may forget you even have it with you.

Don’t let its appearance fool you. This blade is strong enough to cut through wires, strings, boxes, and even hard plastics. CNC-machined from solid Grade 5 titanium bars, it’s sharp, durable, and lightweight. It boasts exceptional strength and excellent corrosion resistance and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

This blade is capable of doing more than it looks. It can cut strips of paper neatly, remove stickers, strip wires, and could even stand in as a cigar cutter. It provides the best and smoother cutting experience compared to its predecessors with its refined cutting edge.

Moreover, the Microblade Pill Ti doesn’t add bulk and easily blends in with your set of keys. It is so light you can take it anywhere with you. It comes with a quick-release carabiner for super fast attaching and detaching from a carabiner or keyring. The carabiner also provides you with enough grip support when using the blade so you get full control of the edge positioning.

This keychain tool comes in a form of a pill, as its name implies. It has a cap also made with Grade 5 titanium and a rubber plug to store the cap with when the tool is in use. The Microblade Pill Ti comes in four metal cap variations including copper, brass, titanium, and stainless steel. The caps are interchangeable with previous versions of the Microblade Pill.

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