Although Tesla is still regarded as the top EV brand in the world, it has been plagued with production woes for several years now. In fact, the launches of its highly anticipated models have been pushed back several times already. Fortunately, there are awesome alternatives to consider from other manufacturers, just like the upcoming Cyberster from MG.

If Musk’s green automotive company continues to miss its promised release dates, industry pundits believe consumers will have even more options available in the coming years. Given most of the world’s biggest automotive groups are already nearing their electrification roadmap targets, eco-friendly motoring will quickly become mainstream.

Hence, we like to keep a close watch on projects like this sleek number from the British marque. Positioned to directly compete against the Tesla Roadster, this two-seat drop-top is likely brimming with all the bells and whistles people come to expect from EVs and more. As of this writing, official details regarding its eco-friendly powertrain are yet to be announced.

Nevertheless, leaked documents filed by MG with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China give us a glimpse of what could be its potential specifications. The Cyberster is outfitted with two electric motors for each axle. The peak output of the front unit is listed as 201 horsepower, while the one at the rear is purportedly 335 horsepower.

The Cyberster is likewise capable of hitting a top speed of 124 mph. Battery capacity was not indicated, but the EV supposedly tips the scales at 4,376 lbs. From some angles, it may look like MG lifted some design cues from Mazda’s MX-5 Miata. Adding to its appeal are the scissor doors and distinctive arrow-shaped tail lights.

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Images courtesy of MG