A classic Icon of engineering history, miniaturised for the first time to create a tool unlike anything else. MetMo Pocket Driver is both a fidget toy and tool, keeping you satisfied for hours on end either fiddling with it or building your next project.

Pocket Driver is perfect for building anything! Designed for Allen/hex key bits as well as standard screw and micro screw bits, there really isn’t anything it can’t handle! From Ikea furniture to a motorcycle kickstand, all can be assembled with this small but mighty tool!

Made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress or play around. MetMo Pocket Driver is both a powerful and versatile tool and amazingly fun to fiddle with! After all, why should tools be only used in the workshop? 

Own a part of history as one of the early forms of the ratchet screwdriver, patented by Conrad Baumann under the brand name Baumann-Weltrecord, in the 1920s. Re-imagined using hardened materials and state-of-the-art machining techniques, Baumann’s vision lives once more, driving home the quality and reliability for which his original was known.

What’s The Difference Between Pocket Driver And Our Original Driver?

Size, power output and cuteness. 

Where Driver is perfect for heavy-duty applications like driving in lag bolts or torquing up an M16 bolt, Pocket Driver comes into its own when working on everyday mechanisms, like breezing through bicycle maintenance or impressing your partner with your newfound IKEA build speed.

Think of the original MetMo Driver like a Pershing; dependable, bulletproof and with enough torque to run through a building. The Pocket Driver is more like a Sherman; dependable, bulletproof and fast enough to go around the building.

Pocket Driver takes everything that makes the Driver great, shrinks it down to EDC proportions and laser focuses on making your everyday tasks a joy to carry out.

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Images courtesy of MetMo