Attractive, sleek, and fully functional. This is the MetMo Pen, dubbed as the “world’s most satisfying pen” for many reasons. Aside from it being an obvious writing tool, it also transforms into a fidget toy when used with specifically designed nuts.

Whether you’re fiddling away or jotting down notes, this writing tool is a stress-reliever. Its body has a fully functional diamond thread that holds two precision-machined nuts with a multi-start thread. You get an instant fidget toy whether you move the pen or bring the two solid brass nuts together through the length of the handle. It’s satisfying to watch them spin in opposite directions but move in the same direction. It’s also mesmerizing to see the pen eject in a silky smooth and satisfying way.

The MetMo Pen is also designed for serious writing. It is precision machined and precisely weighted for a comfortable grip. It feels lightweight in the hand you can easily twirl it with your fingers. The diamond thread provides a good grip too. Plus, a specially designed smooth-to-hold tip and German engineered ballpoint make it a joy to use. 

It even uses traditional oil-based ink and the cartridge ensures no blotting. It is also worthy to mention that the knurled finish on the handle provides instant pressure feedback to relieve your digits. Think of it as a massager for your hands.     

The MetMo Pen comes in either ultra-light aluminum body or classic solid brass. It also has its own weighted case to keep the pen standing on your desk alert for any action. 

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Images courtesy of MetMo Cube