Guys can never have enough tools. We usually keep a box of them at home or store them in our garages or workshops. However, most of us also choose to keep compact multitools within reach just in case the need arises. This is where EDCs come into play. MetMo presents a powerful tool in a compact package simply called the Driver.

Pocket-size screwdrivers are useful for tasks that match their size. Have you ever tried using it for projects that don’t have pre-drilled holes? How about on stubborn screws that are really in there? For these situations, you need a larger grip, which is what the MetMo Driver offers.

Its robust metal construction makes it look and feel premium to the touch. Moreover. Its compatibility with standard 0.25” hex bits and adapters makes it a cost-effective solution. Although it may look like a battery-powered rotary device, there’s no electric motor inside.

Instead, it relies on good old-fashioned elbow grease. No worries though because the MetMo Driver features a nifty system to help you out. Just lower the power drive handle and it locks into place. Engage the knurled setting trigger in the direction you want the rachet system to turn in.

The magnetic chuck keeps hex bits in place and you can generate up to 56 lb-ft of torque with each twist of the handle. It’s also cool that MetMo kept the ratcheting mechanism exposed so you can see and each actuation. The Driver measures 6.50” long, 1.18” wide, and weighs approximately 11.25 ounces. You get it in silver/gold or black/gold colorways.

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Images courtesy of MetMo