Von Erickson Labs is dedicated to the production of original Gothic jewelry. Peter Von Erickson is the artist/designer of such classic pieces as the ‘Stitches’ and ‘Blood Drip’ necklaces, or the ‘Ghoulish Gash’ chokers and bracelets. Now, his latest creation is a worthy addition to any heavy metal/death metal band: the Metal Skull Microphones ($375).

This USA-made, high quality dynamic microphone presents itself in the shape of that classic goth and metal music icon, the skull. It is not a toy, the Skull Microphone is suitable for both the studio and the stage, boasting a frequency response of 60 to 17,000 Hertz and an impedance rating of 150 Ohms with a Supercardioid polar pattern.

These distinctive mics come in 3 hard-core colors; Bright Chrome, Dark Chrome and Satin Gun Metal. While the Von Erickson Labs Skull Microphones are not precisely anatomically exact, the only things missing from making them a total head-banging treat are the popping red eyes.