If you’re on the hunt for designer sunglasses but don’t want to empty your wallet, then MessyWeekend has you covered. Their sunglasses do not just come at a fraction of the price. They also ensure protection for your eyes while keeping up with fashion trends. Best of all, they come with a meaningful purpose that could benefit future generations.

This international and vibrant startup from Copenhagen, Denmark means business when it comes to Mother Nature. Each purchase of sunglasses means 2 kilos of plastic waste off from the Columbian Pacific. It’s the brand’s way of helping clean the environment, which is kind of ironic if you think of the name MessyWeekend. Just imagine the amount of cleaning they do. With the help of NGO 4THEPLANET, the trash collected is then recycled through sustainable means.

MessyWeekend actually stands for “spontaneity, enjoying the little, unplanned moments in life with friends and family.” With this theme comes the variety in their eyewear collection to suit any occasion. Whether you’re off to the beach for a tan or to surf the waves, heading out to a camping or trekking adventure, going out for some outdoor fun, or simply out to strut your stuff in the urban jungle, then there is dedicated eyewear fit for anyone and everyone. You can also be certain that the sunglasses are fashionable and guaranteed for life.

Durable, Safe and Environmentally-Friendly

Just like we need sunblock to protect our skin from sun damage or worse skin cancer, our eyes also need protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. MessyWeekend sunglasses are safe to use since they are fitted with UV400-protection. With this level of shield you are guaranteed protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. Thus, it minimizes the risks of damage to the retina and ensures a pleasant view in the sunshine.

Outside of its anti-UV quality, the lenses are also durable and scratch-resistant. They are made of high-quality copolyester reinforced with an additional anti-scratch coating. Meanwhile, the temples use a three-barrel-hinge mechanism (lead and nickel free) for comfort, long-term durability, and for easy repair in case of damage.

With sustainability at the forefront of the brand’s mission, MessyWeekend sunglasses only use eco-friendly materials. These include acetate, a cellulose-based plastic-like material that provides a luxurious feel and more sustainable than petroleum-based plastics. Likewise, the sunglasses use TR90 injection, aka plastic titanium for durable, lightweight, and flexible frames.

Featured Sunglasses

MessyWeekend sunglasses come in a variety of designs and colors to fit any fashion wear, purpose, and personal style. If you’ve got the retro vibe going on, then you have the Shackleton and the Corey sunglasses, both designed with retro frames and eye-catching colors of the 80s.

Messy Weekend Sunglasses

The Shackleton features round metallic frames in silver or gold/tortoise polycarbonate finish. Think Ozzy Osbourne during his prominent days with the Black Sabbath.

Messy Weekend Sunglasses

However, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, then the Corey sunglasses may just be for you. It oozes the perfect 80s vibe with its square frame and thick rims. It comes in attractive colors of Smoke, Tortoise, Red, and the classic black.

Sports Wear

For sports enthusiasts, an eyewear that speaks of your passion is a statement piece. One that also prevents the sun’s rays from interfering with your game is a must-have. Polarized and mirrored sunglasses are ideal choices and so you have your pick from the Malaku or the Hobbes from MessyWeekend sunglasses.

Messy Weekend sunglasses

The Malaku looks attractive with its polarized lenses designed to block light and glare from the sun or shiny surfaces. TR90 frames make it lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear. It looks good with any style and is the ideal sunglasses for those who love to soak up the sun while at the beach. It even comes in colors representing the sunset and the sea: crystal blue and transparent grey red.

The Hobbes, on the other hand, is a bestseller because not just because of its TR90 frames. The lenses have NASA-manufactured Revo Coating that is common in sports sunglasses. This coating protects the lenses from scratches and impacts and provides complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. Best of all, their minimalistic design looks good in any situation.

Everyday Wear

MessyWeekend sunglasses also have pieces fit for everyday wear. Whether you’re heading to the office, for an afternoon date, or going shopping, the Brooklyn and Jack sunglasses are for you. They give a classic and natural look to any style because of their trendy and elegant appeal.

Messy Weekend sunglasses

The Brooklyn sunglasses have a matte and soft surface. They are durable, super flexible to suit any face shape and a comfort to wear. They come in various colors including grey pink, tortoise, grey silver, black, and transparent grey.

Messy Weekend sunglasses

Meanwhile, the Jack sunglasses with its square and slim frame features a more executive look. As with other MessyWeekend sunglasses, it offers UV400 protection and uses 3-barrel hinges for comfort and durability.

Great Steal For All-Around Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just for fashion. They are essential accessories for overall eye protection. When it comes to investing in a good pair of sunglasses, UVA and UVB protection is a must on top of quality. Design and aesthetics become an afterthought if the sunglasses don’t have anti-UV lenses.

Thus, MessyWeekend sunglasses are a steal indeed. They not only provide optimum UV400 protection but have the form factor to boot. They look hip, trendy, elegant, and attractive for everyday wear.

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