For those who do not limit their tastes only to only the world’s finest whiskeys, it opens you up to more fun and unique blends. The production of the amber spirit is not limited to certain countries only. Hence take your taste buds on a trip with a sip of the Mercer + Prince By A$AP Rocky.

At only $32 a bottle, this blended Canadian whiskey will not bleed your wallet dry. The pricing is already an attractive selling point, but there’s more to the Mercer + Prince By A$AP Rocky. Are you interested to know about it? Let’s check it out!

The whiskey is twice distilled and ages inside American white oak barrels for four years. The aforementioned containers formerly held bourbon, which adds to its character. Furthermore, the infusion of Japanese Mizunara Oak further enhances its characteristics.

The combination of these imparts sweet aromatics and provides a richer and bolder profile than other Canadian whiskeys. According to the distillery, the nose is a sophisticated mix of fruit aromas. Meanwhile, the palate features notes of caramel, vanilla, baked apple, and cinnamon.

The latter two supposedly come from the Japanese Mizunara Oak. Overall, you can sip it neat or on the rocks and is likewise great to mix in cocktails. Mercer + Prince recommends spicy ginger beer or cola. The whiskey also comes in a unique bottle that incorporates two acrylic cups.

These snap on the top and bottom for easy transport. When the time comes to drink you can share the Mercer + Prince By A$AP Rocky with a friend. This is perfect for those who get the sudden urge to drink at a moment’s notice.

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Mercer + Prince By A$AP Rocky Bottles Mercer + Prince By A$AP Rocky Couch

Images courtesy of Mercer + Prince