Mercedes-Benz has decided to add yet another feather to its cap with the camper style X-class. If you are looking for off-road luxury, then this is the pickup truck that you need for your rugged journeys. Of course, at this point, it is all just concepts but they are exciting to see. The luxury brand car company paired up with both Tischer and VanEssa Mobilcamping to create the camper conversions.

For the living quarters, the Tischer-inspired camper contains an alcove sleeping compartment and a three-person sitting area that can be converted into a second bed. It also has a kitchen containing a three burner stove. In spite of the compact size of the camper, there is a bathroom complete with a shower, swivel toilet, and foldaway sink.

The VanEssa-designed camper is a more toned-down version (no sleeping space) that has all the facilities you need for cooking. This includes a sliding single stove burner, a fridge/freezer, sink, and even storage drawers, all tucked away neatly underneath a luxurious teak wood cover.

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