In a totally unexpected yet bold move, an esteemed British luxury car marque unveiled its plans to build an upscale residential tower in the state of Florida. The Bentley Residences Miami is due for completion in 2026 and will cater to wealthy motoring enthusiasts. Meanwhile, reports just confirmed the construction of the Mercedes-Benz Places is now underway.

Located at 1 Southside Park in the Brickell area of Miami, the building will eventually stand alongside other luxury condominiums — In a neighborhood known as a hub for entertainment, shopping, and more, no less. The venture is a partnership between the German carmaker and JDS Development Groups.

Slated to open its doors in 2027, the Mercedes-Benz’s 67-story structure features approximately 791 units. These dwellings vary in size and price. For example, the basic studio setup should cost around $550,000 while the larger three-bedroom layout is speculated to command an eye-water $4 million. For some, it’s a small price to pay for exclusivity

Just like other residential towers, potential clients are probably eyeing the penthouse. Information about the latter’s decor, layout, and features are still under wraps for now. The Mercedes-Benz Places is more than just high-end abodes. The skyscraper will also host retail shops, office spaces, a wellness center, a gym, and parking facilities.

Renders show a striking geometric silhouette with rounded edges and sections lined with plants. The exterior shows clean lines that wrap around the building with aesthetic elements in silver. JDS Development Group CEO Michael Stern stated, “Underpinned by sustainable building methods and design, Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will create a legacy not just for Brickell but for Florida as a whole.”

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz