Smartwatches are more and more becoming part of our daily lives, just like our phones are. And just like phones, smartwatches are starting to become more stylish as brands try to distinguish themselves from each other. There’s of course the sleek Apple Watch, that’s recently been challenged by the new Google Pixel Watch. More rugged smartwatches are also popping up, focused on sports and the outdoors. In any case, it’s clear that smartwatches are no longer purely functional items but are also fashion items.

What smartwatch will suit my style?

There are certainly a lot of different styles out there, big and small, square or round: The possibilities in smartwatch styles seem endless. There’s also a big difference between the more modern and sleek watches like the Apple Watch or Google Pixel Watch, and rugged sports watches like the Garmin smartwatches.

It’s important to realise that no matter what watch you pick, a big improvement can be made with some simple modification. Smartwatches usually come with a basic silicone strap as standard. There are a lot of options out there to change your smartwatch strap in order to suit a dapper men’s style.

The best smartwatch upgrades for men

If you’re looking to upgrade your smartwatch there are a few straps to look out for. We’ve selected some of our top smartwatch strap picks for men. These include anything from stylish smartwatch straps to wear with your suit or rugged smartwatch straps that match your casual outfit or outdoor adventures.

Titanium straps

The titanium strap is perhaps the ultimate combo between style and toughness. This light strap made fully out of titanium looks sleek and stylish while retaining that strong and sturdy feeling. The titanium strap will pair perfectly with an Apple Watch Ultra, also made out of titanium. Check out these Apple Watch straps now.

Titanium straps definitely give that classic watch look, with an improved toughness thanks to the addition of this luxury material. You can certainly go for a more traditional metal strap as well, made from stainless steel. However, if you want to radiate the utmost style and luxury then the titanium strap is the way to go.

Nylon straps

A nylon strap may not be the first smartwatch strap that you think of when you think about a men’s smartwatch strap. However, some of these straps can give a cool, almost military look to your smartwatch. These are very popular as Samsung straps but can be found available for most smartwatch models.

These cool buckle straps are great if you’re going for a more rugged or outdoorsy look. And they’re strong as well, handling anything you throw at it. It’s a unique look that you can’t get anywhere as standard. Certainly a very different experience from your standard smartwatch strap.

Leather straps

Can’t go wrong with a leather strap. These straps have been a staple for watches for decades now. They first became popular during the war, when metal was scarce. Nowadays, leather straps pair perfectly with a stylish outfit such as a suit. These formal straps are therefore great when you’re going for the gentleman’s look.

Make sure to purchase a genuine leather strap when you’re buying one of these. That way, you’re ensured of a high-quality and refined look. Pairing the colours to your outfit will really elevate your whole look.

How do I change my smartwatch strap?

Changing your smartwatch strap is easy and can often be done without tools. For Apple Watch straps, all you have to do is press the button on the strap and slide it out. Now the new strap can be slid back in until a click is heard.

Samsung straps are a bit trickier but can be done pretty easily and without any tools necessary. These watch straps are connected by quick-release pins that slide open to disconnect the strap. To reattach the strap, push one side of the strap in place and open the quick-release pin. Now the other side can be attached.

Once your new strap is in place, make sure to give it a medium tug to ensure a proper fit. Now you can enjoy your new strap in style. Go out there and enjoy!

In summary

Your smartwatch strap says a lot about who you are, and can make a big impact on your style. To bring your men’s style to the next level, picking your smartwatch straps is the way to go. Take your outfits to the next level with a strap that suits your personality and looks perfect.