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It goes without saying that a man’s home is his castle, but so often the family dog still lives in a house that looks more like a shanty. Designer Rahil Taj of RAH:DESIGN in Los Angeles, California, decided to upgrade the look of the traditional dog house into a spectacular living space fit for any mansion. Using his background in architectural design, he worked with interior designers and specialty artisans to create this masterpiece in canine luxury, dubbed the MDK9 Dog Haus ($3,6K).

Weaving Brazilian teak with powder-coated steel, this sleek and sturdy dwelling enhances the lines of any home while offering superior protection for your best four-legged friend. Inside is a Jax and Bones, ultra luxe memory foam pillow with waterproof covering material able to provide unparalleled comfort for any dog up to 150 lbs. The side sunscreen provides both ventilation and protection while the all-important dining area (water and food bowls) is built-in on the patio area.

Because Americans love their dogs, this premium pet home contains 100% USA made materials. The MDK9 dog house will definitely not have to be hidden from sight by the shrubbery!

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