This week, it has been one awesome audio product after another. It’s a welcome change of pace after our nonstop features on cars and other cool stuff. So far, we’ve showcased items that are on the high-end spectrum. In line with this idea, what’s next on our list is something for home theater enthusiasts – the McIntosh XCS1.5K.

What you have here is a center channel loudspeaker any home cinema should strive to have. At $40,000 though, the XCS1.5K costs almost as much as the full setup. So, if you’re ready to splurge some serious money for this bad boy, here’s what you can expect.

Aside from picture quality, audio is crucial for an immersive viewing experience. McIntosh says it’s 1,500-watt rating which should be enough to fill a sizeable room with crisp sound. Every acoustic nuance from your favorite movie or TV show should be accurately reproduced.

To do this, the XCS1.5K touts 43 drivers and a “unique hybrid design of both a 3 and 4-way speaker.” The configuration is showing 25 0.75” dome tweeters above, and 14 2.5” midranges below. All are aluminum domes and in a line array position.

Next are the four 8” long-throw carbon fiber sandwich cone woofers to handle the low frequencies. These are visible toward the rear within a vented bass cabinet. To fine-tune the direction of its output, the base of the XCS1.5K features five preset angles.

McIntosh says it voice matches the XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K floor standing loudspeakers for a complete arrangement. Aesthetically, the XCS1.5K exudes a premium vibe with its seven-layer gloss piano black coat, brushed/black aluminum accents, and black knit cloth grille cover which attaches magnetically.

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Images courtesy of McIntosh