As anticipated, Max Büsser has finally unveiled his latest horological machine, the MB&F HM9 Flow, a combination of elements taken directly from the ingenious mindscape of Büsser himself, drawing from vintage cars, aircraft, sci-fi comic books, films, and TV shows.

The $182,000 watch is the latest avant-garde design from the boutique shop. It was made possible thanks to the the brand’s past achievements with the HM4, HM6, and Legacy Machine No. 2, although apparently the HM9 Flow was years in the making.

“Because we spent so many years working on the LM2, which is one of the only movements with two balance wheels and a differential, we were able to take [the double flying balance wheel concept] into account,” according to Büsser.

What is this, exactly? Is it just a watch? Is it a retro-futuristic timepiece? Or is it an embodiment Büsser’s most precious sensibilities as a child, wrapped neatly on your wrist? It probably doesn’t matter in the end, though, because it’s just plain gorgeous and thought-provoking. It’s always nice when something comes out and reinvents everything that has come before it and will ever come afterwards, and this is one of those things.

More importantly, the HM9 Flow is an example of an impossible thing made possible. It features a multipart case that’s so complex thanks to its extreme angles and voluptuous curves that the experts MB&F collaborated with said it could not be made. But “impossible” simply won’t do for Büsser, so new manufacturing techniques were pursued to be able to develop what you see above.

But again, what is it? A fancy shmancy watch with an irregular shape? Or maybe an new kind of experience altogether? Who cares? Sometimes, experience defies description.


Photos courtesy of MB&F