Normally, when one thinks of a yacht, its a picture a huge extravagant vessel that immediately draws attention wherever it goes. However, when someone hopes to own something a little more subtle yet elegant, perhaps the Mazu Yachts 82 might meet their needs. The overall aesthetic of the watercraft does the exact opposite of others. Nevertheless, the stealthy exterior actually hides details that many will find interesting.

The 82 is made by a team of talented shipbuilders in a modern facility in Turkey. This proves that if you know where to look, some hidden gems can be found. Aside from its unique presentation, Mazu Yachts actually adds more than the usual beneath the attractive matte black surface.

According to the official page, the material of choice is an epoxy system composite carbon reinforcement. Not only does it boast impressive durability and resistance to corrosion, but it also keeps the weight in check. The latter is crucial for improving performance and fuel efficiency among others.

What sets it apart from other ships of its calibre, is its bulletproof configuration. The 82 is essentially the perfect platform for those who want the ultimate protection just in case things take an unexpected turn. By that, we mean situations where gunfire might be involved. As an extra measure, even the glass panels are ballistic-grade.

Meanwhile, lavish cabins, a retractable sunroof, and wide living spaces quickly remind you that you are on a luxury yacht. The Mazu Yachts 82 can cruise up to 40 knots courtesy of the three Volvo Penta IPS 1200 engines at 900 horsepower each. If that’s not enough, buyers can go for an optional twin or triple Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines at 1,000 horsepower each.

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Images courtesy of Mazu Yachts