Among the fascinating concepts unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show was the new large coupe design presented by Mazda. The Vision Coupe shows that the company, more known for smaller, economy cars, has what it takes to compete with large automobiles as well.

Based on the earlier RX-Vision concept, the Mazda Vision Coupe presents a sleek, low profile more expected in sports cars than a four-door coupe design. The long hood and lean lines sweeping back give a shark-like appearance. No details were given on engine specifications or powertrain but it was reported that the Mazda Vision Coupe would be a front-wheel drive vehicle.

Keeping with the minimalistic lines of the exterior, the interior is a study in horizontal. The infotainment display lays under a layered dashboard that runs door-to-door across the front of the cabin. If this concept goes into production, it will signal a trend towards a larger and more luxurious future for the vehicles that carry the Mazda brand.

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